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Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners


This is the topic of my 20 minute presentation to the K12 Online Conference next month. As part of my research I asked several of my science teacher colleagues what their favourite web2.0 tools were. A couple mentioned Voicethread as a great way to share images and/or video, as well as student voices. Google Docs was also mentioned as a useful tool for collaborating on documents and reports, although titanpad.com  has the advantage that any number of people can edit simultaneously, and watch change in real time – apparently with the changes made by others visible more quickly than Google Docs.

Blogging, using platforms such as Edublogs and Posterous, allows student-friendly places for ongoing discussions and communication outside the regular classroom environment. The blog also becomes the place to share all the various types of user-produced content on the web (via podcasts, YouTube, photo sharing sites, slideshows and quizzes). I would definitely recommend blogging, as that is the way I first started my e-learning journey and how I have met (virtually) friends from around the world. Wikispaces is also a very useful platform for collaborating and sharing student-created content. It can be used specifically for a collaborative project or as an ongoing resource for a particular class, with links to current work.

My video “Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners” includes interviews with students, screen casts of web2.0 tools and examples of student work. It will be available at the K12 Online Conference from the 25th October. I will also be presenting on Elluminate on Tuesday, 5th October with a session called “A Digital Toolbox for 21st Century Science Learners”.  The presentation starts at 3.45pm (find your time here). Find the link at the Guide to Innovation website – Tech Talk Tuesday’s are moderated by Anne Mirtchin at the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Virtual Conference Centre. I will tweet the link with the #scichat tag when it becomes available and immediately prior to the Elluminate session.

 What do you think are the defining characteristics of 21st century learners? Please leave a comment below.

I’ve been tagged to get into Wordle

Image created at Wordle

My friend and colleague, Trish Dower has tagged me for this meme, started by Lee Kolbert at  “A GeekyMomma’s Blog”. If you haven’t used this fun toy before, it uses any passage of text (either typed in, or copied from a blog URL or other source) to create these word clouds. Words that appear more frequently in the text appear more prominently in the cloud. I would have liked to have seen ‘students’ appear more prominently, but I think this wordle reflects my journey over the past ten months, exploring web 2.0 tools, finding what works for science teachers and learners and sharing with my readers. One of the main reasons I blog is that I find it very convenient to have one place to store my resources, tagged with a picture for easy recognition. Blogging also helps me to reflect on my daily practise and hopefully improve my teaching strategies.

Thanks to Trish for tagging me and now I tag Marg, Bexta, Wendy, Faye and Jane.

1. Create a Wordle from your blog’s RSS feed.
2. Blog it and describe your reaction. Any surprises?
3. Tag others to do the same.