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Wind Energy – Willatook Wind Farm Open Day


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This Thursday, 11th November, the company developing the Willatook Wind Farm, “Wind Prospect” will be holding a public exhibition and open day at the Hawkesdale Hall, between 2.00pm and 8.00pm. This will be a great opportunity for Luke and Dylan to find out more about their International Energy Project and answer the qurestions on the student Wind Energy Wiki. I suggest you write down a list of the questions you would like to ask and take a microphone and voice recorder to record an interview with representatives from Wind Prospect.

Your questions should help you to answer the following: How is the energy produced from the source?
What technologies are used in the production of the energy?
Where is the energy produced?
What are the advantages for your energy source in the following categories: Availability, economically, environmentally, ethically, safety, and socially? (These should reflect the perspective of each country.)

MelissaToiflOn Friday, we will have Melissa Toifl,  use Elluminate to present a slideshow about Biomass Energy – specifically, using algae as fuel. Melissa is our Scientist in Schools mentor and works with the CSIRO. I am hoping that Michelle Iro, our student teacher will facilitate this session. It will be Sean and Harvey who have the responsibility of asking questions to assist with their Biomass Project.

If you know of any other energy experts who could assist with this project, please leave a comment below. The International Energy Challenge involves Year 6, 7 and 8 students from five schools in three countries collaborating to produce a Voicethread to ‘sell’ their type of energy source. In early December, representatives of each group will debate the merits of each energy type on Elluminate.

Year 8 Energy Project


Welcome back to Term4 and the start of Spring! This term we will be working with students in Tasmania, New York and Lima on our Energy projects. As revision of some of the work we did last term, please complete this short quiz at BBC Bitesize KS3: Science: Energy transfer and Storage. Take a screen shot of the test result and email to me at my gmail address.  Then go to the Energy Challenge Wiki and start your research. Your goal is to work in a team to produce a 20 minute presentation to teach other students about a specific type of renewable or non-renewable energy resource.

Over the holidays we had a visit from AGL, who replaced all our incandescent globes with energy-efficient globes. For each 10 globes replaced, 6 renewable energy certificates are issued, which is equivalent to 6 tonnes of  carbon dioxide. These certificates are part of the Australian Governments Renewable Energy Target. We also recieved information about the Willatook Wind Farm proposed by Wind Prospect, which joins the Macarthur and Penshurst Wind Farms as significant, renewable energy projects in our region. Hotrocks Ltd have also been doing geothermal investigation in the local area.

At present, most of Victoria’s electrcity is produced from brown coal in the LaTrobe Valley. Much of this power is used in manufacturing, especially by Portland’s Alcoa Aluminium smelter. Find out how much of Victoria’s power is used by Portland Aluminium. Why do you think the Moyne Shire has become an area of interest for wind and geothermal energy and not hydroelectric and solar energy? Please post your answers in the comment section below.

As part of our Energy studies we will be looking at Geothermal Energy, which involves some geology. Go to this Google Doc “The Plates of the Earth”, save the document onto your netbook and complete the tasks and questions. Then email your completed work to me at my gmail address.