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Week 5 at Hawkesdale P12 College

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Congratulations on your performances in the NAPLAN testing last week – you all approached the tasks in a mature and responsible fashion and I am sure your results will reflect your knowledge of literacy and numeracy. Remember this is just one measure of your learning and there are many ways you can succeed at school apart from high scores on these tests, including public speaking, sporting achievements, art work, community involvement and team-work.

This week many of you will be participating in our Open Night for students and parents in Grade 6, considering our school for next year. Thank you for your thoughts and comments on what sets Hawkesdale P12 College apart – many of you had very many postive ideas about our small class sizes, choice of elective subjects, country atmosphere and supportive teachers.

In Science this week you will be choosing one of two options – research for the 2009 Victorian Landcare Youth Environment Conference to be held in Lorne in early August, OR an animal project about a Victorian threatened species. The list of animals you can choose from is here. All the suporting documents (Student task sheet, assessment rubric and research grid) are available on the year 7 wiki.

Separating Mixtures

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The picture above shows a laboratory centrifuge, which might be used to collect DNA from tissue samples. Other uses for centrifuging are when you make billy tea – spinning the billy to make the tea leaves settle at the bottom. You might even have been in a human centrifuge at the show or Luna Park!

You can learn more about Separating Mixtures by going to our Year 7 Maths and Science wiki – you will need to register if you don’t already have a wiki account (use your school email) and join the wiki. You will find lots of activities there to keep you busy (and learning!) over the holidays!.

Try this fun quiz at Quia to test your knowledge about Separating Mixtures: http://www.quia.com/rr/450972.html