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Mother of all fish!

Materpiscis attenboroughi - 375 myo placoderm fossil fish

This afternoon, students and teachers from around the world had the opportunity to meet Dr. John Long (Head of Science and Professor of Palaentology at the Museum of Victoria) and his latest and greatest discovery – a 375-million-year-old placoderm fish, with an embryo and umbilical cord attached. It is one of the oldest examples of sexual reproduction and live birth ever discovered. It was found at Go-Go station, in northern W.A. and has been named after Sir David Attenborough. Dr. Long presented an “Elluminate” session, hosted by the DEECD, describing the unique fossil, how it was found and prepared and answered questions from students and teachers. He also talked about how he became interested in dinosaurs and about discovering his first fossil as a child.

“Elluminate” is a video conferencing site that allows multiple users to interact with images, text, drawing tools and voice at the same time. If you get the opportunity to try this fantastic tool, have a go!

Video Conference with New York students

Year 7 students in library

Our Year 7 science class was very excited to (virtually) meet Mr. Ardito’s class in New York this morning. Mr. Ardito’s class came in at 7.00pm for a pizza party and we used “Skype” for a video conference, starting at 9.00am our time. Australian students spoke about sport – AFL football (not like grid-iron), netball (not like volleyball) and cricket. Mr. Ardito’s scientists have finished their school year and are ready for summer holidays – trips to Canada, surfing, sailing and summer camps. We look forward to further communication with them when they return to school in September.