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Video Conference with New York students

Year 7 students in library

Our Year 7 science class was very excited to (virtually) meet Mr. Ardito’s class in New York this morning. Mr. Ardito’s class came in at 7.00pm for a pizza party and we used “Skype” for a video conference, starting at 9.00am our time. Australian students spoke about sport – AFL football (not like grid-iron), netball (not like volleyball) and cricket. Mr. Ardito’s scientists have finished their school year and are ready for summer holidays – trips to Canada, surfing, sailing and summer camps. We look forward to further communication with them when they return to school in September.

Tokbox – video calls, messages and conferencing.


Today our year 7 class tried out Tokbox –  as well as live video calling, this site allows you to record video and voice messages and send a link to your friends via email. Once I had a webcam installed it was very simple to access and use. Our students introduced themselves to the students from Mr Ardito’s class in New York and told them about the extraordinary animal they are researching. You can see our message here.