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My Worst Job Ever!


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Looking back on your life, what was the “worst job” you ever had that ironically helped prepare you to one day become an educator?

Christian started the ball rolling by describing his gig as “Binky the Clown” for a Pizza Hut children’s birthday party. He tagged Damian, among others, and Damian passed the torch to dmcordell, who passed it on to murcha, who passed it to me.

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After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Latrobe University I applied for dozens of jobs as a lab assistant or similar, without success. When the father of a friend offered me a job in the city, working in a share registry, I jumped at the chance. It was one of the most soul-destroying jobs I have had – stamping numbers on share transfers, filing, data-entry and answering the phone. The highlight of my day was running downstairs to buy a doughnut for morning tea! I lasted almost a full year, before moving to Darwin.

Funnily enough, I had a job there as a children’s party hostess, and part of that job was dressing up as the company mascot, the “Billabong Bear” – a very hot and sweaty proposition in tropical Northern Territory! It was much more fun than the share registry, I promise.

Since the share registry, I haven’t worked in an office (except a brief stint overseas at British Telecom). I guess that one of the things you learn is how to relate to your colleagues – sometimes good manners is just not enough. Understanding a person’s character and knowing their strengths and weaknesses is an important skill as a teacher. Keeping team morale high and getting the best out of everyone is challenging, but worthwhile.

Perhaps one of the most important things, that helped me become an educator, is to have high standards – expect the best from my students. Because if they don’t try their best, they may be destined for a lifetime of boring and unfulfilling jobs – or no job at all.

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