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Lambing at Hawkesdale – on Teachertube!

Twin lambs at our farm in Hawkesdale

This video was filmed, using my Panasonic digital camera, at home on the farm. I used “Audacity” to create an audio file for the commentary. These files were combined using Windows Moviemaker and uploaded to Teachertube. This cannot be done from home, as the connection speed is to slow and the upload times out. So, thanks Jess! Another check point along the way on my web 2.0 journey. If it’s not showing here, try going to Teachertube: http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=732ed6e2244e073b5987

Shearing Time

Sheep shearing

We started shearing on the farm this week – usually we shear in the summer, but my husband decided to do an autumn shear this year. We have first-cross ewes, which means they are a cross between merino and border leicester sheep. We breed the lambs for meat, so the wool is not the fine wool for clothing, but is used for carpet making. The rams are a poll-dorset breed – big, with lots of muscle!

There has been some controversy in the news recently about mulesing – removing the skin of a sheep’s backside to prevent flystrike. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are advocating boycotts against Australian wool farmers who practise mulesing. However Australian scientists are working on a solution – using a genetic mutation that has resulted in bare-bum sheep!