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Revision for Science Tests

bunsen burner

Students in years 6/7 and 8 will be completing a science test before the end of term, to assess their learning in this first part of the year. In Year 6/7 you will need to know the following:

  • Safety rules for science experiments
  • Laboratory equipment – Identify, label and draw
  • States of matter (Solids, Liquids and gases) and the Particle Theory
  • Water Cycle (label evaporation, condensation, precipitation etc)
  • Heat Moves (convection, conduction and radiation)

You can use your netbooks to do some revision by going to the FUSE site and typing the Resource Package code: Y4B8TT into the search box. Can you explain, in terms of the particle theory, what happens to the aluminium can in this video? After the test we will be going on to do a unit of work on “Separating Mixtures”. You can see a Voicethread about the different ways to separate mixtures here and another one here.

Year 8 Students can use the Resource Package code: 9WTEHH to do some revision on atoms, molecules, elements and compounds. You will need to know the names and symbols of the first twenty elements, the properties of metals and non-metals and some examples of common molecules, compounds and mixtures (for example, table salt is NaCl, carbon dioxide is CO2 and water is H2O). After the test, in Year 8 we will be going on to do a unit on “Chemical Reactions” (comparing changes of state, or physical reactions, to chemical reactions). Check out ourVoicethread about Physical and Chemical reactions.

Some of you may be interested in collaborating with a class in the U.S.A. who are doing a project about the Science of the Olympics. You will work with students from Mrs Laguna’s class on a wiki. Let me know if you would like to extend your learning in this way.