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Year 8 Energy Project


Welcome back to Term4 and the start of Spring! This term we will be working with students in Tasmania, New York and Lima on our Energy projects. As revision of some of the work we did last term, please complete this short quiz at BBC Bitesize KS3: Science: Energy transfer and Storage. Take a screen shot of the test result and email to me at my gmail address.  Then go to the Energy Challenge Wiki and start your research. Your goal is to work in a team to produce a 20 minute presentation to teach other students about a specific type of renewable or non-renewable energy resource.

Over the holidays we had a visit from AGL, who replaced all our incandescent globes with energy-efficient globes. For each 10 globes replaced, 6 renewable energy certificates are issued, which is equivalent to 6 tonnes of  carbon dioxide. These certificates are part of the Australian Governments Renewable Energy Target. We also recieved information about the Willatook Wind Farm proposed by Wind Prospect, which joins the Macarthur and Penshurst Wind Farms as significant, renewable energy projects in our region. Hotrocks Ltd have also been doing geothermal investigation in the local area.

At present, most of Victoria’s electrcity is produced from brown coal in the LaTrobe Valley. Much of this power is used in manufacturing, especially by Portland’s Alcoa Aluminium smelter. Find out how much of Victoria’s power is used by Portland Aluminium. Why do you think the Moyne Shire has become an area of interest for wind and geothermal energy and not hydroelectric and solar energy? Please post your answers in the comment section below.

As part of our Energy studies we will be looking at Geothermal Energy, which involves some geology. Go to this Google Doc “The Plates of the Earth”, save the document onto your netbook and complete the tasks and questions. Then email your completed work to me at my gmail address.

Year 7 Extraordinary Animal Project

Our class is very excited to be starting our animal project with our American friends from Mr. Ardito’s class in New York. Each American student has chosen an Australian animal and each Australian student has chosen an American animal to research. Photos (from Flickr) of all the animals have been uploaded onto three Voicethreads. Students will prepare a report about the structural, functional and behavioural characteristics that enable their animal to survive. Then they have the option to speak to the Voicethread image or prepare a PowerPoint presentation to be posted on their blogs. (see blogroll at right – year 7’s). The wiki with all support materials is here.

Extraordinary Animals

This term the year 7 Science class will be working on an exciting collaborative project with a class from New York. Mr Ardito’s Year 7 scientists will be sharing their knowledge about American animals, while our class share their knowledge of Australian animals. The goal is for each student to produce a design for a camouflage or “crittercam” that will enable a wildlife researcher to get up close to their chosen species. Students will need to research the structural, functional and behavioural adaptations of their organism and think carefully about the most effective way to study the creature’s habits. I have set up a wiki titled “Extraordinary Animals” and created a Voicethread, which students will add to (This is also shown below, with the echidna).