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Turning Grass into Paper!

Images from Flickr CC

This week Year 8 Science students completed the process of turning grass into paper.This is done in five steps:

  1. Cutting and crushing
  2. Digesting with caustic soda
  3. Washing
  4. Bleaching and heating
  5. Washing and forming the paper

Check out the Slideshow here: Making Paper from Grass

Which of these steps are physical changes? Which are chemical reactions? If you did this practical activity again, what would you do differently to get a better result? Did you notice how much water you used to make the paper?

Do you know how paper is manufactured?

Have you ever wondered how much paper can be produced from a single tree?

Did you know paper (or papyrus) was invented in ancient Egypt? Video here.

Paper Aeroplanes and Scientific Method

This is the last week of term 3 and in Year 7 Science we are doing another exciting science project with Mr Ardito’s class in New York. This project is to design and test the best paper aeroplane – but what defines ‘best’? We decided that, for this project, the best paper aeroplane is the one that travels the greatest distance in the air. Each group of three students tested one aspect of the plane – such as wing-shape, nose angle, length or style of plane. Then each plane was flown five times and the data was collected to obtain the average flight distance. You can view our videos here:
http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=b696d1098c0e93d2abfc and here


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