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Maths In Nature

fibonacci sunflower

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Maths is often considered boring or difficult by many people, but I am looking forward to showing this video (Nature by Numbers) to my Year 6/7 students after the holidays – it captures the simple beauty of maths in nature, using magnificent images created by Cristobal Vila. Thanks Denise, our art teacher at Hawkesdale, for this link. Another friend, colleague and mentor (Marg) has sent through a link to an article about Learning Media, a New Zealand company who produce web resources and CD-roms with interactive learning experiences for students, suitable for the NZ and Australian curriculum.

Another interesting link came through from the Victorian Association of Environmental Education, to an article by Sue White, “Teaching for the Future“. This article outlines Sustainability initiatives in a couple of great Australian schools and links to teacher’s resources. Victorian schools now have a two week break, with Easter in the middle, before returning for Term 2. I will be busy planning Maths, Science and Biology classes, as well as preparing for the Ultranet, an Education Department initiative to “connect students, parents and teachers” with a “21st century, online learning platform”.