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Museum Box

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A Twitter friend was looking for this site and alerted me to the potential for student use – Museum Box allows users to create a virtual box containing images, videos, documents, links and audio about a specific theme. Great for history, science, book reports, in fact any subject where you want students to build an argument, collect artefacts, describe a period in history or create a biography for example.

Celebrate National Science Week!

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National Science Week starts today, August 16th and there are plenty of activities that you can participate in to recognise the power of science and technology.

At the Melbourne Museum, Dr Paul Willis, from Catalyst is presenting a free lecture; a panel of comedians perform “Not the Nobel Prize” and 150 years of collected specimens are on display – some of which have never before exhibited to the general public. if you have an inidentified specimen of your own – a fossil, bone or feather perhaps – the resident experts will attempt to put a name to it. You can also do a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum.

Catchment DeTox opens today – an online game to manage a water catchment to balance environmental and economic concerns while managing population growth. Remove hazardous agricultural practises causing salinity and poor water quality and build infrastructure for tourism, while you cope with the unpredictability of rainfall! 

Giant Squid dissection at Melbourne Museum

Image: Paul McCoy Source: DPI Victoria

What has three hearts, blue blood and a brain shaped like a doughnut? A giant squid that’s what!
On Thursday 17th July, an immature female specimen, weighing 248kg and measuring up to 12 metres long, was dissected at the Melbourne Museum. The squid was caught by fishermen, deep off the coast of Portland and held on ice until the public dissection. You can watch a Melbourne Museum recording of the dissection here. The Herald-Sun has a short clip here.