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Hovercraft Challenge


Earlier this year our year 10 students attended the Science and Engineering Challenge at Deakin University in Geelong. One of the fun and interesting projects was to create a model hovercraft using a polystyrene meat tray, 9V battery, 1.5V motor, propeller and a few additional materials. You can find some instructions here. This will be a good end-of-year project for next week.

Another hands-on project that a couple of our Year 7 Science students have been working on is to design and build a model trebuchet – a medieval sling-shot. Sean found plans on the internet and he and Dylan sourced the materials and constructed the working model as shown below.


GHCMA Active Catchment Education model

On Friday 2nd May, three classes had the opportunity to learn about water issues with Dave and Nile from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority. Grade 3/4, Grade 4/5 and Year 7 Science students learnt about the effects rabbits, cattle and dogs can have on water quality and it was demonstrated how rubbish, oil and other pollution can travel from gutters to the sea. Go to this site to add you own comments: http://voicethread.com/#u95096.b122140.i644477