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Year 8 Earth Science and Energy


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This remarkable picture is an aerial photograph of the Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea. It shows the lava flows and ash plume of an active volcano. This week we have learnt about the structure of the earth, continental drift and tectonic plates. We know the difference between convergent, divergent and plates that slide past each other. What is the difference between magma and lava? When are small crystals formed in rocks? What are the differences between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks? What are three pieces of evidence that suggest that the earth is broken up into separate continental plates that are slowly moving? What does a world map showing the location of earthquakes and volcanoes demonstrate? Where are the main fold mountains around the world? What happens in deep ocean trenches that explains why rocks further from the trench are older than those closer to the trench?

Next week is Earth Science Week and we will be having a special guest to speak to us about the Kanawinka Geopark, volcanoes, caves and bats. Ian Lewis, an ex-teacher and limestone and groundwater geologist, will be speaking to us from his home in Mt Gambier using Elluminate. You might even like to submit a video for next year’s “Geologi” short film competition. Kanawinka Geopark (“Land of Tomorrow”) is the world’s 57th Global Geopark and Hawkesdale is right in the middle of this region. (Download a map here).

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