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Some more sites to check out………..


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Ingenious is a site with the ability to search over 30,000 science and technology images from the Science Museum, National Railway Museum and the National Museum of Film, Photography and Television.

The Whiteboard Blog , from the UK, has some excellent resources, including a post with “Powerful Images to give Lesson’s Punch” and links to Science resources.

This interactive animation, from a NZ site, shows how the planets in our solar system rotate around the sun. This is a great tool to assist students to visualize the scale of the solar system and how planets orbit.

Glogster allows you to create online posters for wikis and blogs, using templates and your own images and text. Here is an example of how a science teacher at Fairview Park High School, in Ohio, uses Glogster EDU.

Stixy is a site for creating an on-line noticeboard for sharing ideas, images and links. Anne Mirtschin has used it with students to ask “What would you like changed in our school canteen?”. I’d like to see one for our Year 11 students to comment on their recent two-week work experience in Melbourne.

SchoolTube is another site where you can search and share student videos. SchoolTube is the recognized leader for moderated, internet media sharing for teachers and students. All student created materials on SchoolTube must be approved by registered teachers, follow local school guidelines, and adhere to high standards.