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Goal Setting with Year 9’s

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This afternoon Year 9 students worked on writing comments about their progress towards the goals they set at the begining of the year. First they completed a survey, identifying areas that they were successful and areas that needed improvement, under categories such as confidence, leadership skills, persistence, tolerance, resilience, organisation and team work. These are based around the “You Can Do It!” program. After identifying areas for improvement, each student was asked to set five goals – three academic, one skill (eg. sporting, martial arts, driving, etc.) and one attitudinal/friendship goal. Today students were asked to reflect on their performance over the first semester and write a few comments on each of their goals and how they have felt they have gone towards achieving those goals. Many students have found this a difficult activity and need assistance to identify their successes and otherwise.

This terrific post from Angela Maiers, “Classroom Habitudes Lesson – Perserverance: Failing to Succeed” includes a PowerPoint and five anecdotes about people who achieved success after considerable perserverance – five stories that may surprise you! Angela has 16 different “Habitudes” posts that discuss different habits and attitudes that lead to success.

Steep learning curve


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It’s been a long and winding, uphill journey so far. Check points on the way include:

  1. writing my first posts,
  2. recieving my first comments,
  3. adding images to my blog,
  4. adding hyperlinks in my posts,
  5. discovering “Flickr”,
  6. creating a panorama for my header,
  7. learning how to embed Slideshare presentations,
  8. changing my widgets, 
  9. using my blog statisitcs,
  10. creating and embedding Voicethreads,
  11. using “My Studio” to create and embed mini-quizzes,
  12. recording sound files on “Audacity”,
  13. being invited to join “Global teacher – Web 3.0”
  14. initiating a “Skype” call,
  15. creating a “Tokbox” video message,
  16. participating in an “Elluminate” live conference and
  17. uploading a video to TeacherTube.

Now I’ve hit a road block. I have recorded my own short video on a Panasonic camera, which downloads as a Quicktime file. I have converted it to another format to edit and add a voice recording in Windows Moviemaker. Then I have to convert it to a smaller file and now I am trying to upload to TeacherTube – but can’t seem to get it happening! And why do I do all this? I guess I need to challenge myself with the technology that I expect my students to be using, creating with, communicating with and ultimately learning with.