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Junior Landcare Victorian Youth Environment Conference

Lorne students

Ten Year 7 students are very excited to be participating in the Junior Landcare Conference in Lorne next week. These students have beeen preparing a presentation for six weeks about the effects of global warming. They have created a 40 minute news, quiz and current affairs program, 50 years into the future, when fresh water is scarce, sea levels are rising, temperatures are increasing, biodiversity is at risk and humans are threatened by their own toxic wastes. The multimedia program includes student-produced advertisements and ‘info-mercials’ as well as a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-style quiz to test how much the audience have learnt.

What Holidays?

Well, I haven’t been doing much interesting during the holidays, but I have found some new websites for my action research project (Social networking in maths and science learning). I found a link to an all-maths video site (Mathtrain.TV) on bexta’s Technomaths site, which shows a ‘kids-teaching-kids’ approach to maths problems. I’ve used the kids-teaching-kids methodology for environmental education at the Riverhealth conferences in Canberra, Mildura and Port Fairy. These have been very effective in engaging students in a specific issue and having them research and present the issue to their peers. I might just try maths videos with my year 7 class during term 4!