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Year 8 Science – Heart Dissection

heart dissection

Year 8 students had been looking forward to “D-day” (Dissection day) for several weeks. Finally, we were able to defrost the sheep’s hearts, obtained from Midfield meats, and examine their structure. Three students opted not to take part, and one was a little queasy, but we also had some budding surgeons who showed their skill with the scalpel! Students are shown here washing their hands after a successful science experiment.

Previously we have looked at the components of the circulatory system and their processes, as well as the structures and functions of the respiratory and excretory systems and will move on to the digestive system next week. In the meantime, you can watch our TeacherTube video of the Heart Dissection.

Year 8 students are asked to leave a comment here about what you learnt from dissecting a sheep’s heart and what you have enjoyed about science this semester. I will be considering these comments as I write your reports, so write your comments in full (no text talk) and be thoughtful.