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Earth Science Week – Hong Kong Geopark

Elly and volcano

Today we had an exciting opportunity to link up with Ng Young C. Y., a Hong Kong national who is a driving force behind the establishment of the Hong Kong Geopark. He is an expeerienced presenter, member of and advisor to  numerous committees and boards of management for conservation of geologically significant areas. Young had lots of information about the difficulties establishing a geopark in a metropoliton area, wonderful images of the park and it’s significant features and ways they market the geopark using appropriately named dishes of food (such as the tempura prawn volcano!).

Students learnt about the igneous rocks that we passed around, drew a labelled cross-section of a volcano and were able to ask questions about the geology of the park. We also look forward to tomorrow’s presentation by Ian Lewis about caves, sink holes, fossils, volcanoes and bats. Ian is an ex-teacher, geologist and member of the Kanawinka Global Geopark committee. He was born on the side of a volcano, loves caves and diving and will be sharing lots of his photos and knowledge about all things volcanic!

Kanawinka Geopark

Yesterday the Warrnambool Standard reported that, after more than two years, UNESCO has declared an area of land from Colac to South Australia as Australia’s first Geopark. The volcanic features of the area, including Tower Hill, Mt. Eccles, Lake Condah and Camperdown’s crater lakes will be marketed as Kanawinka Geopark, which may increase tourism in the area. Geoparks are one step down from World heritage listing and are awarded to regions of geological significance which incorporate human economic development. You can find out more at the following sites:

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