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Area of triangles

area of triangles

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This student was able to find dozens of triangles with an area of 4 square units using patterns on the geo-board. There are many activities you can try to consolidate your knowledge of area. Try IXL Maths practise, compare area and perimeter of two figures or Mathletics and Rainforest maths. Maths 300 is also an excellent resource for learning about the area of triangles. Click on the green triangle on the desktop of the computers in the pod or the lab to connect to Maths 300 activities.

Using grid paper, create triangles of fixed base and height length (for example, 5cm base and 4cm perpendicular height). Cut out these shapes and try to form squares or rectangles with them, so you can easily calculate the area. You will find that the height of the rectangle formed with the pieces of the triangle is half the height of the original triangle. So, the area of a triangle is equal to half x base x height.

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