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Energy Challenge: Turning Algae into Fuel


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Could tiny green plants be the answer to our fuel crisis? Melissa Toifl, CSIRO scientist, thinks they might be! Melissa has been working on a research project to find out how algae can be turned into fuel as a renewable energy resource. Algae could be grown at sewage treatment plants, using excess nutrients to promote algal growth. Melissa will be using Elluminate to present her session tomorrow morning, 9.00am EST (Australia). You can listen to the recording of Melissa’s session here: Introduction to Biofuels. This is her presentation on Slideshare:

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Virtual teaching with Michelle Iro


This is Michelle Iro, a fourth year teacher-in-training at University of Ballarat, holding a lava bomb at the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre. Michelle has been working at Hawkesdale P12 College over the past four weeks, teaching my Year 6/7 Maths and Science classes. On Friday, 5th November she will run an Elluminate session with the 6/7G class as an introduction to Monday’s class, about Tower Hill, the State Game Reserve near Koroit. Click on this link for the Friday Period 2 Elluminate session. Tower Hill is the remains of a Maar volcano, formed when molten magma is forced up through the water table, causing huge amounts of steam and pressure to blow material out of a crater. Tower Hill is well known for it’s abundant wildlife: emus, koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and wetland birds.

6/7G : Click on this link for the Period 2 Elluminate session on Monday 8th November from Tower Hill.

6/7R: Click on this link for the Period 4 Elluminate session on Monday 8th November from Tower Hill.