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Year 8 Science – Elements and Compunds

Froth flotation

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This term we have been studying the elements of the periodic table, comparing elements and their compounds and discovering the properties of metals and non-metals. Find out more about the elements at the Interactive Periodic Table. This site, The Periodic Table of Videos, has videos with experiments and information about most of the naturally occuring 92 elements. The Minerals Council of Australia have some excellent resources to help our learning about the earth’s minerals, including “Oresome Froth” (how metals are extracted from their ores) and “Metals Matter” (use a virtual metal detector to discover the metal composition of everyday household objects). While I am on the Year 6/7 camp at Roses Gap this week you can explore the above sites and revise for the test which will be on March 12th.

After the earthquake off the coast 0f Chile this weekend, you may be interested in this animation from the BBC which shows how eathquakes cause tsunamis.

Year 8 Science test – Tuesday 17th March

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After five weeks of term studying atoms and elements, molecules and compounds, the periodic table and the carbon cycle, we are ready for our first test. Make sure you revise all of Chapter 2 thoroughly and complete the “Summing Up” section at the end of the chapter. You will be required to memorise the first twenty elements of the periodic table (names and symbols), which will be worth 20 points. This will be of great assistance for science in future years. You can use the mnemonic “Little Betty Boron Chews Nitrogen On Friday Nights” and “NaMgAl SiPS Chlorine Ardently” to help you remember most of the first twenty.

You will also need to know the three different forms of Carbon – as shown above, Diamond, Graphite and Charcoal.