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Blogging Challenge #3: Add some Muscle to your Blog!


Leonardo da Vinci’s “Study of Human Shoulders and Arms” – Try this picture as a “Jigzone” puzzle here (and see if you can beat my time!)

 Today’s challenge is all about how pages can add “power, flexibility and weight” to your blog. New blogs tend to have just two pages (the “Journal” and “About Me”) while some others, like  Anne Mirtschin’s class blog “E-Journeys with Technokids”, have over twenty different pages. As you can see, my blog is somewhere in between, currently with six pages.  

Mrs Yollis  won a “Lifetime Achievement” award and was runner up in the best class blog in the 2010 Edublogs awards. I really liked Mrs. Yollis’ “Meet Mrs. Yollis” page, which included a photo of her as a child as well as some professional and personal information about what she enjoys and her achievements. As well as some contact details and professional achievements, Anne Mirtschin’s “About Me” page has some great multimedia, including a slideshow and Voicethread. 

After browsing around some of the blogs mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to do a little page maintenance with my blog, here at Technoscience. I plan to:

  •  Add a childhood photo or slideshow to my “About me” page
  • Add a “Professional Development” page, listing courses completed and achievements
  • Combine the “1:1 program” and “21st C Learning” into one page
  • Delete the “Year 7” and “Year 8” pages (this information can be found by selecting the appropriate category)
  • Add a “Survey” page, with a Google form embedded to find out more about my students at the beginning of the new school year. What are their strengths, interests, fears and abilities? What do they hope to achieve this year and what equipment and resources do they have available to them?

I have been reluctant to delete pages prior to now, because I will lose some of the valuable comments that have been contributed. However, I may be able to re-name the pages and maintain those comments. That should keep me busy until Challenge Activity 4 is released!

Advanced Activity 2: Effective Posts


Image Source

Andrew Williamson (@willie42 on Twitter) writes a blog at Globalteacher, called “Split Three Ways”, which contains one of the most memorable posts I have read. The post, “Ultranet Down” had 24 lengthy comments, and 4 tweets, which I would consider to be effective writing. I think that the five effective characteristics that this post demonstrates are:

  1. Clear, simple and topical title.
  2. Written for a specific audience and purpose.
  3. Written with passion for and knowledge of the subject.
  4. Gives the audience an insight into the author’s character.
  5. Shows good research and a thoughtful approach.

 I think that knowing your audience and what you want to achieve when posting will improve your writing. A successful post on a class blog, which gets lots of comments from students and parents, will be quite different from a successful professional development blog post. The reason that Andrew’s post drew such passionate responses, was because there were many Victorian educators thinking along similar lines and it was a topic that many teachers involved with technology were concerned about.

P.S. Andrew’s blog also has a great header image and avatar, clean and easy to read formatting and an interesting title. I always like to add an image to my posts, because I am a very visual learner and it helps me to remember the content at a glance. The image in this post is a creative commons licensed image from Flickr.