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Biodiversity and Ecological Relationships

Gorilla at Melbourne zoo

Last week, Year 11 Biology students visited the Melbourne Zoo and the Botanincal Gardens, where we able to observe many adaptations of plants and animals. Until the end of term in year 7 and 8 Science we will be learning about biodiversity and ecological relationships. These relationships (predator/prey, parasite/host, symbioses, mutualistic collaboration, commensalism) have evolved over millions of years. Why is it important to understand the delicate balance of life?

Draw up a table with three columns. In the first column write the title “Biological Products” – including food, medicines and building materials. In the second column, write “Ecosystem Services”, including pollinators, erosion prevention, water filters etc. and the third column for “Social Benefits” – entertainment, aesthetics. Brainstorm all the ways in which humans benefit from biodiversity – the great variety of living organisms on earth. Of course, all living organisms have the right to exist, free from exploitation by humans. But this is a good way to reach the understanding that our way of life is dependent on the health of  planet.