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Year 8 Science test – Tuesday 17th March

Photos sourced from Flickr (CC) and saved in Irfanview.

After five weeks of term studying atoms and elements, molecules and compounds, the periodic table and the carbon cycle, we are ready for our first test. Make sure you revise all of Chapter 2 thoroughly and complete the “Summing Up” section at the end of the chapter. You will be required to memorise the first twenty elements of the periodic table (names and symbols), which will be worth 20 points. This will be of great assistance for science in future years. You can use the mnemonic “Little Betty Boron Chews Nitrogen On Friday Nights” and “NaMgAl SiPS Chlorine Ardently” to help you remember most of the first twenty.

You will also need to know the three different forms of Carbon – as shown above, Diamond, Graphite and Charcoal.

The Carbon Cycle

Felicity created this cartoon in \

Felicity used to “Toon-Doo” to create these three frames of the carbon cycle. There is a lot of potential here to use cartoons to depict processes that may not be immediately accessible to students. Photosynthesis, respiration, digestion, diffusion and other processes that occur at a microcopic or cellular level can be shown using a bit of imagination.