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Advanced Activity 2: Effective Posts


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Andrew Williamson (@willie42 on Twitter) writes a blog at Globalteacher, called “Split Three Ways”, which contains one of the most memorable posts I have read. The post, “Ultranet Down” had 24 lengthy comments, and 4 tweets, which I would consider to be effective writing. I think that the five effective characteristics that this post demonstrates are:

  1. Clear, simple and topical title.
  2. Written for a specific audience and purpose.
  3. Written with passion for and knowledge of the subject.
  4. Gives the audience an insight into the author’s character.
  5. Shows good research and a thoughtful approach.

 I think that knowing your audience and what you want to achieve when posting will improve your writing. A successful post on a class blog, which gets lots of comments from students and parents, will be quite different from a successful professional development blog post. The reason that Andrew’s post drew such passionate responses, was because there were many Victorian educators thinking along similar lines and it was a topic that many teachers involved with technology were concerned about.

P.S. Andrew’s blog also has a great header image and avatar, clean and easy to read formatting and an interesting title. I always like to add an image to my posts, because I am a very visual learner and it helps me to remember the content at a glance. The image in this post is a creative commons licensed image from Flickr.