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How many chocolate buds in choc-chip cookies?

Students enjoyed a Maths300 activity during Literacy and Numeracy Week, estimating the number of chocolate chips a manufacturer would need to add to a batch of ten cookies to try to ensure that each biscuit had a minimum of 7 chocolate buds. Initially some students believed that just a few more than 70 should suffice, while others decided the more the better and thought a few hundred should be added – just to make sure! After coming up with some ways to use random number generators to model the problem (10-sided dice, cards, throwing stones on a 2 x 5 grid) we used the Maths300 software to generate a stem and leaf plot for 100 trials. Following the activity, students estimated that between 110 and 150 chocolate buds were sufficient to have confidence that each cookie contained 7 choc buds. And now they want to make cookies…..