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Design the AFL footballer of the century

AFL footballer - Aaron Davey

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The Australian Football League are holding a competition for school students from year 3 to year 10 in four different Key Learning Areas. The Science competition asks students to design the AFL ‘Super Player’, incorporating the physical and mental qualities of the best players of the game. Students should produce an annotated poster showing the selected anatomy of the league’s finest goal kickers, high markers and couragous defenders. The competition closes on Friday 23rd October.

We will use this activity with our international partners, Mr Ardito’s class from New York, to compare elite athletes from different sports. For example, how does a successful AFL footballer compare to a top basketballer? How does a long distance runner compare to a sprint swimmer in their physical and mental attributes?

Next term year 8 students will be starting a unit on the Human Body, including circulatory, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. I have created a Human Body wiki for Hawkesdale  students to share their work with Mr Ardito’s class in New York.

CSIRO “Science of Sport”

Following the “Toy Science” workshops, Simon from CSIRO presented four “Science of Sport” workshops for students in Grade 6 to year 9. Students were given the opportunity to learn about:

  • how shape affects drag force,
  • test their heart rates before and after exercise,
  • test the amount of glucose in different drinks,
  • dissect a chicken wing to show muscular movements,
  • test their reaction times, 
  • test how different materials absorb simulated sweat,
  • demonstrate the friction forces on sport shoes on different surfaces and
  • test their ball throw speeds.

Students rated the presenter 3.5 to 4/5; the activites 4/5 and the topic 4.5/5.

Beijing Olympics and Science in Sport

There is no doubt that the standard of performance of Olympic athletes has improved over the past few decades due to the influence of science. Research to improve nutrition, motion analysis and materials science have all contributed to record-breaking performances amongst competitors. The following sites hold more information about the influence of science in sport:

CSIRO Scope including video clips on swimming technology and intelligent sports shoes.

BBC Science of Sport

Physics, technology and the Olympics

Looking for the Edge

Cross Country at Lake Bolac

Congratulations to the 32 students who participated in the cross country running event at Lake Bolac on Monday, 19th of May. All of our students represented the school well, with five age-group champions and one second place.