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Can you imagine a world without Nuclear Weapons?


During the Year 9 program today we looked at ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Did you know….. there are 9 countries that are holding 26,000 nuclear weapons? That just 50 nuclear bombs could kill 200 million people? That many thousands of people are still sick and dying from cancer caused by radiation from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and nuclear test explosions?

Twelve students have written to the Moyne Shire Councillors and local media requesting that our shire join over 2,000 other cities worldwide and support “Mayors for Peace”. How can you help?

(1) Write to or visit your local politician

(2) Build the support base of “ican”.

(3) Sign up your mayor (

(4) Organise a public event

(5) Write a letter to the editors of your local papers

Visit this site to do a short quiz about nuclear disarmament.

Orange Bellied Parrot Conservation

Separating woolly tea tree seedlings for re-potting.

On Tuesday 6th May, 21 students travelled to Mailor’s Flat to assist in a revegetation project to save the critically endangered OBP. There are less than two hundred individual birds left in the wild and they are endemic to south-eastern Australia, migrating from Tasmania to the Victorian and South Australian coast each winter. Part of the program to build numbers of these pretty birds is a revegetation program to provide roosting and feeding plants, which will increase their chances of survival. Students were able to separate seedlings of woolly tea tree and messmate plants and re-pot 3,000 plants. Further information about the OBP can be found here.

Port Fairy Rail Trail

Students working at Port Fairy

Yesterday 26 students visited Port Fairy and assisted with the construction of the Rail Trail. So far the trail has been laid between Glaxo and the railway shed and Year 9 students cleaned up the edges of the trail, removing large rocks and debris to allow a slasher to pass. Mr. Mike Halls (Friends of the PF Rail Trail) and Dean Robertson (Moyne Shire Council) spoke about the development of the concept, funding and works required for the community project. 

Our PlaYce


Nine students from Hawkesdale P12 College have been working together on a project for the community to create a walking trail at the Hawkesdale Racecourse Reserve. They are presenting their proposal to ninety adults from local, state and federal government funding bodies this week. They hope to provide a BBQ area and walking trail with interpretative signs about the flora and fauna of the grassland reserve. This project will provide a space for an Environmental Education Centre in Hawkesdale, where students can learn about the indigenous wildlife as well as the cultural history of the Victorian Volcanic plains.

4th March, 2008

Hi all, as you can see I have added most of you to my blogroll – under year 7 or year 9 science. If your name isn’t there, you either haven’t got a blog yet, or I didn’t recognise your nickname from Ms Murch’s page. So come and see me and we’ll get you up an running!

Today the Year 9 off campus program completed their Level 1 First Aid training – DRABCD, CPR and bandaging. 

(1) What did you find easy or difficult about CPR practise?

(2) Do you think you will be able to respond effectively in an emergency situation?