My Edublogs nominations

Grasmere Primary School is a small, rural school in SW Victoria, doing great things with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project. As well as being freshly rebuilt, they are sharing their garden activities with families and friends via the freshly planted Grasmere PS Kitchen Garden Blog I am nominating this blog for the “best new blog” in the 2013 Edublogs awards.

The blog includes recipes, images from the amazing garden and updates from students. What a great way to connect the community and learn about seasonal planting, healthy eating and home cooking all at the same time!

For the best teacher blog, I would like to nominate Edna Sackson’s “What Ed Said” for frequent posts that make me think critically about teaching and learning. Edna shares her reflections on a variety of teaching strategies and inspiring examples of great learning in her school and beyond.

In the “best Twitter hashtag” I would like to nominate “#reportpyne”, because of timing and location. It won’t be relevant to anyone outside Australia, but means a lot to all teachers, students and parents who care about equitable funding for schools. The federal education minister, Christopher Pyne, has reneged on the government agreement to fund public and independent schools using the Gonski model. Stakeholders from across Australia have written insightful, sometimes humorous, report cards on his performance.

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