Blogging Workshop at Warrnambool College

Last Friday, 25 Year 7 students from Hawkesdale visited Warrnambool College to participate in a blogging workshop with about 130 of their Year 7 students. Our students have been blogging for up to four years, so they were able to act as peer tutors for six classes, over three hours. As Warrnambool College students are just starting their blogging journey, our students were able to assist them to change their theme, title and tagline, write their first post and some added links to their blogroll. Alannah and Anna shared their own blogs, showing a cluster map, “Sparklee” text and how they use text and images to share their learning with readers from across the globe.

This was a great opportunity for our students to share their blogging knowledge and demonstrate confidence and leadership skills. We hope that we can continue to connect with students from Warrnambool College, as blogging buddies and perhaps, in future, our students can assist to share their knowledge of the Ultranet.

Thanks to Greg Twitt and David Clift for organizing this exciting opportunity and also to our Year 7 students who did an excellent job. After the workshop the class was treated to a game of Ten Pin Bowling.

“I liked sharing my blog with Warrnambool College students – it was good to be able to help them start their own” Alannah, Hawkesdale College Year 7 student

“I couldn’t believe Hawkesdale have been blogging all that time, but once we were shown how, it’s not that hard really.” Warrnambool College Year 7 student.

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