Blogging Challenge #3: Add some Muscle to your Blog!


Leonardo da Vinci’s “Study of Human Shoulders and Arms” – Try this picture as a “Jigzone” puzzle here (and see if you can beat my time!)

 Today’s challenge is all about how pages can add “power, flexibility and weight” to your blog. New blogs tend to have just two pages (the “Journal” and “About Me”) while some others, like  Anne Mirtschin’s class blog “E-Journeys with Technokids”, have over twenty different pages. As you can see, my blog is somewhere in between, currently with six pages.  

Mrs Yollis  won a “Lifetime Achievement” award and was runner up in the best class blog in the 2010 Edublogs awards. I really liked Mrs. Yollis’ “Meet Mrs. Yollis” page, which included a photo of her as a child as well as some professional and personal information about what she enjoys and her achievements. As well as some contact details and professional achievements, Anne Mirtschin’s “About Me” page has some great multimedia, including a slideshow and Voicethread. 

After browsing around some of the blogs mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to do a little page maintenance with my blog, here at Technoscience. I plan to:

  •  Add a childhood photo or slideshow to my “About me” page
  • Add a “Professional Development” page, listing courses completed and achievements
  • Combine the “1:1 program” and “21st C Learning” into one page
  • Delete the “Year 7” and “Year 8” pages (this information can be found by selecting the appropriate category)
  • Add a “Survey” page, with a Google form embedded to find out more about my students at the beginning of the new school year. What are their strengths, interests, fears and abilities? What do they hope to achieve this year and what equipment and resources do they have available to them?

I have been reluctant to delete pages prior to now, because I will lose some of the valuable comments that have been contributed. However, I may be able to re-name the pages and maintain those comments. That should keep me busy until Challenge Activity 4 is released!


  1. Leslie Raffelson

    I really like your Prof Dev page being separate from the about page. I was trying to lump them all together, but can see that this will work much better. Thanks! and the child hood photo is an awesome touch for students to relate to.

  2. Mel Cashen

    Hi Britt,

    Thanks for your post. I too believe that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and delete some pages. Although it is difficult if someone has left comments.

    I tend to have more pages on my class blog than I do my professional one and I think this is solely based on the fact that I have been using it longer.

    As I use my blog more I hope to add more pages.

    I love the idea of putting a childhood photo on your blog. I must have to try and sift one out!


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  4. mrssarmo

    Wow, I love the jigzone puzzle. Do you have to buy it? Also, I think the student survey page is a wonderful idea. How do you do that? Can you give me a hint?

  5. Michael Graffin

    I think that the careful planning of pages really enhances the blog. You’ve got some great ideas, and I’m relieved to know I won’t be the only blogger with a Professional Development/Learning page!

    I wasn’t sure about allowing comments on pages (with the exception of my new About Me page) on my blog. Have you found enabling page comments helpful? Or do they attract to much spam? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    Keep up the great work!


    Michael (@mgraffin)

  6. Jo McLeay

    So many ideas Britt. I like your list of the things you will do and you have inspired me to do some of them. This part of the blogging challenge gets better the deeper you go into it, I find. I had never even thought of having pages before.

  7. murch

    Thanks Britt, this all looks great. I was going to delete chunks of my work too and decided that I would just shift the text and links to a child page. I am always fearful of trying new things like this as I worry that it wont work and I will mess things up but it did work. If you go to my blog and wave your mouse over “About Me”, you will see a sub page flick up called “How I started”. I like how you asked the question which student am I as that encourages commenting back. Did you get anyone guess?

  8. MrDCarson

    Really impressed by your post. Some just have a natural ways with words. Also, great use of bullets. Loving the challenge because I can learn from educators such as yourself to improve my skills.

    I like your idea of adding a survey for you students to your about page. How about adding a survey for visitors as well? Might be a fun comparison for your students to compare their response to other visitors from around the world. Just a thought!

  9. Theresa Allen

    Britt, you are a great inspirational blogger! I used your blog in the challenge #3. I like how you let the reader know who you are and what you do. There’s definitely a reason why you were nominated in the Edublog awards and I’m glad I’ve found your blog! Thank you,

  10. brittgow

    Thanks so much @Kristy, @Elaine, @Kay, @Stacey and @Janelle for your comments. I have enjoyed reading all your posts and learning more about you on your new “About Me” pages. I love the fact that I can sit at home on the farm and connect with other teachers around the world! I am so glad that this teacher’s blogging challenge is in the holidays, so that I have time to participate fully.
    I am going to try to add a new tool to each post of the blogging challenge each time – hence the Tagxedo word cloud, Coolsigns image and Jigzone link. If you have any ideas for later in the challenge, can you let me know?

  11. Christy Berry

    I like the adding of the puzzle. That was nifty. I will be adding this to my blog, because it is just nifty. I will also be using this website with my art students. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    -Mrs. Berry

  12. Elaine Willis

    I am going to use your ideas about the Professional Development and the old pictures.

    I think I would like to add a slide show post of early pictures of the teachers at school. Maybe I could include a link to guess who they are.

  13. Kay McGriff

    I am now going home and looking up some old pictures for my about me page. My students will definitely enjoy that. You’ve given several good ideas for updating my page.

  14. Janelle Wilson

    I loved the idea about including a childhood photo. Thanks for sharing it. I found an old photo to put on my about page after reading your inspiration.

    I find my class web site has loads of pages, but my personal blog is usually lacking in pages. Thanks for the ideas of things to include.

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