Five new web2.0 tools to try in 2011!


I’ve just opened the second-to-last flap on the wonderful, web2.0 advent calendar, by @ktenkely at iLearn Technology. Just so I don’t forget to try some of these great new web2.0 tools when I go back to school, I thought I’d better write this post to remind myself! The advent calendar was created using Wix, which is another tool that I need to use more in the classroom in 2011. I have also just discovered Lulu Publishing, thanks to Mr. Robbo, the P.E. Geek, who has recently published his book “100+ Ways to Use Technology in Physical Education”.

1. Answergarden is an online tool for brainstorming that can be embedded in blogs and wikis. Get instant feedback, with the answers appearing in a word cloud (most frequent in largest font). Ask students a question, and all their answers (up to 25) appear on the whiteboard.

2. Crocodoc  allows users to mark up and review documents online. You can collaboratively highlight and comment on PDFs, Word documents, images and more. Upload your own task sheets or ask your students to upload their work to Crocodoc and you can review, comment on and edit their work online.

 3. Dushare is a real-time, person to person, file sharing application. Quickly and easily send files without uploading to a server.

4. Juxio allows users to create streams of multimedia displays to “create new meaning”. Add images and text, share or print. Can be used instead of Powerpoint, making a poster, video or cartoon.

5. Nota Mash your ideas and media together with friends in a dynamic whiteboard wiki. Using photos, videos, and other web content you can instantly create brainstorms, presentations, scrapbooks, and enjoy an interactive chat with more than 50 friends


  1. brittgow

    I hadn’t heard of them either, until @ktenkely’s advent calendar! Likewise, I think I will be using crocodoc for VCE Biology and Environmental Science. I am teaching one subject online in 2011, so these tools might come in handy. Hope you have a happy Christmas and a great summer break!

  2. mrrobbo

    Thanks for the mention and for this wonderful list. I have not heard of these so will be checking them out. I particularly like the dushare which is something that will come in handy next year. Im also keen to check out the crocodocs as away to review students submissions in VCE Phys Ed. Thanks for sharing

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