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This is a picture of the Nesjavellir Power Plant in Iceland, where geothermal energy is widely used. Why do you think geothermal power is more common there than in Australia? Mark Elliot, executive chariman of Hot Rock Ltd, has been in our district investigating the use of geothermal power at various properties in the Hawkesdale and Koroit districts. Peter Barnett, a geologist from Hot Rocks, will be presenting on Elluminate at 2.45pm (period6) on Wednesday, 1st December. Click on this link for the Elluminate session about Geothermal Energy.

If you are studying wind power, I can forward your questions to Jeff Trompf (Project Manager, Power Development, AGL, Macarthur Wind Farm) or Ben Purcell (Development Manager, Wind Prospect Pty Ltd, Penshurst Wind Farm).

If someone in your group has started a Voicethread, you need to send them your email address, so they can add you as an editor and contibutor. Please make sure you add my gmail address and any partner student’s email addresses to your Voicethreads too, so you will have people to add to your presentation. It is important that all teachers have the ability to edit each of the Voicethreads – so if you are an owner of one, please add their email addresses to the ‘share’ page at the end of each Voicethread. Here are the links to each of the Voicethreads that I have access to:

Biomass Voicethread

Coal Energy Voicethread

Geothermal Energy Voicethread

Hydroelectric Power Voicethread

Hydrogen Voicethread

Natural Gas Voicethread

Nuclear Power Voicethread

Oil Energy Voicethread

Solar Energy

Tidal Energy Voicethread

Wave Energy Voicethread

Wind Energy Voicethread

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