Year 6/7 Forces Assignment

Forces - comic life

Each student prepared a storyboard by folding a sheet of A3 paper into 6 sections and then drawing an example of the following results of forces:

  • Forces can start motion
  • Forces can stop motion
  • Forces can change the speed of motion
  • Forces can change the direction of motion
  • Forces can change the shape of an object, and
  • Forces can have no visible effect at all!

Now they are using various programs (Pivot, Photostory, Monkey Jam, Windows Movie Maker and Paint) to illustrate a short movie demonstrating each of these effects of forces. Some students prefer to draw with a real pencil and can take a photo of their drawings and add headings and speech bubbles with Comic Life – which is available on the computers in Room 2 or you can get a free, 30-day trial at Comic Life.

These videos show how you can convert Pivot (stick figure) animations to AVI files for YouTube and how to put a Pivot animation into Windows Movie Maker. You could also try this one. You will need to access these from home as YouTube is blocked at school.  Students, please make sure any digital images you use are in the public domain or Creative Commons (free to use with certain conditions) and that you list the sites you have referred to on the last slide of your video presentation.

Here is Nathan’s Forces Movie, made in Pivot, converted to WindowsMovieMaker and uploaded to YouTube.

One comment

  1. Dr. Ardito


    I really enjoyed your video. I liked how you made each concept really clear by the animation.

    I will try the same thing with my students when we return to school in a month.

    Dr. Ardito

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