Year 7 Science

onion cells

Image Source

In Year 6/7 Science we have been looking at cells using light microscopes. The image above shows cells from a spring onion, stained with methylene blue, to show cell walls and nuclei. Cells are all different shapes and sizes, but the cell theory states:

  • All living organisms are made up of cells
  • Cells are the basic organisational units of life
  • All cells come from pre-existing cells

Before the end of term we will be having a test on Classsification and Cells. You will need to know the following:

  • What are five characteristics of living organisms? (usually require oxygen; require nutrients; produce wastes; respond to stimuli; reproduce themselves)
  • How are living organisms classified? Five Kingdoms – Animals, Plants, Fungi, Bacteria (Monera) and Protists.
  • What is a dichotomous key? A branching key used to classify organisms into groups, using questions with only two answers – yes or no.
  • Name the parts of a light microscope.
  • What are three important things about cells (the cell theory).
  • What are the three main differences between animal cells and plant cells.

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