Perimeter and Area

Area of triangles screen shot

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Year 6/7 classes have enjoyed having a student teacher, Zac Doherty, over the past couple of weeks. Zac is a past student doing his Graduate Diploma of Education teaching practicum rounds. Students have learnt about measuring length and perimeter and now we are starting to look at area of squares, rectangles, triangles and composite shapes.

Here  is a link to the Learning Federation interactive “Area of triangles“, which shows why we use the formula “the area of a triangle is equal to half the base multiplied by the height”.

This HOTmaths activity is also a great way to learn about area and perimeter. The HOTmaths site has several free activities and links to investigations (in pdf format) suitable for middle years students.

This a simple site for learning more about area and perimeter. Maths Playground has a good explanation of perimeter versus area and some interactive activities for students to learn more.

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