Polygons, prisms and platonic solids


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Go to the year 6/7 wiki to find out which group you are in and complete the activities listed.

So far we have demonstrated that the interior angles in triangles add to 180 degrees – How can we show that the angles in quadrilaterals sum to 360 degrees? You can work out the number of degrees in any polygon by dividing the shape into triangles – count the triangles and multiply by 180.

BBC Bitesize has some great activities to learn about Shape and Space.

Go to Rainforest Maths and use your Mathletics username and password to login. Click on the Geometry icon and find out about faces, vertices and edges.

For any polyhedron, what is the relationship between the number of faces, vertices, and edges? Introduction to platonic solids at NSW Department of Education. Identify the characteristics of Platonic Solids  at the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

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