Year 8 Science – Reproduction

tigers mating

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Year 8 students are continuing to learn about the Human Body Systems in Science this week. We have looked at the male and female reproductive systems and tried out the National Geographic “Incredible Human Machine” and the BBC Interactive Human Body – Puberty Demo. 

We have also learnt about reproduction in other animals and in plants. In the comments below, add a “Did you know…” with unusual facts about reproduction in other animals. Make sure you post a link to your own blog and write a brief account of reproduction in a specific animal.


  1. Aidan

    Did you know female dogs are on heat every 4-12 months being on heat lasts about 3 weeks For practical reasons they divide the heat into 3 parts, each part lasting, on average, about 1 week
    in the first week the female vulva swells and secretes blood and aromas that drive males into frenzies
    in the second week the dog will ovulate, and will usually let the male…often any and all males
    in the trid and last week being in heat, the female has already ovulated and is losing interest in sex, but the male(s) will still be determined

  2. ros0004

    seahorses have a kangaroo like pouch, in wich the male holds the babies. Seahorses have a tail like a monkeys tail to grab their food.

  3. sophie

    Did you know??
    A cat reaches reproductive maturity between five and nine months of age, or upon the time they reach 4.5 to 7.0 pounds in weight. It is possible for domestic longhaired and shorthaired cats, as well as feral cats, may reach sexual maturity faster than purebred breeds and indoor cats.

  4. murph

    A female cat may mate with more than one male when she is in heat, so different kittens in a litter may have different fathers.

  5. teika

    did you know?
    The average female dog reaches sexual maturity at approximately six months of age, about four months earlier than the male. Most females come into heat (signaled by menstruation) every six months, but heat frequencies can vary from one to three times a year. Each heat lasts about three weeks.

  6. shanon

    After a gestation of 100 to 112 days, 2 to 3 cubs are born. The cubs are blind and helpless and have about 1 kg each. A tiger cub can gain 100 grams in weight per day.

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