Year 7 and 8 Science and Maths – Week 2


This week in Maths we will continue to investigate probability, looking at both theoretical and experimental results and using technology to generate long term random results. We will be doing the Maths 300 activities “Dice Differences” and “Problem Dice”.

In Science, we will finish our Paper Aeroplane experiment and start individual projects. Go to the Science Buddies  site and complete the survey which will help you to identify areas of interest and suggest some projects that may be suitable. We will use the On-Line Science Fair wiki to post our research and share our results. Make sure you sign up as a member (using  your school email address and password) and create a page where you can keep relevant information and links.

In Year 8 Science we have started the Human Body unit with a look at the digestive system. This week we will be doing food testing, so make sure you bring in a small sample of food to test. These are the tests we will be doing:

  1. Brown paper or Emulsion test for fats and oils (lipids).
  2. Iodine test for Starch
  3. Benedict’s solution and heat for glucose (sugar).
  4. Copper sulphate (10 drops) and sodium hydroxide (5 drops) for protein.

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