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feral pigs

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This week in Year 8 Science you will continue with your project on Invasive Pests. If you go to the Invasive Pests page  of our wiki “Extraordinary Animals” you will find the names of all the pest species, linked to a page where you can post your work. The first task is to add an image of your pest and describe it’s appearance, behaviour and distribution. Make sure your images are Creative Commons – copyright free. Flickr is a great place to start looking for images. Each page has links to further information, but add your own links if you have found information form other sources. You can find some more images at the Rogue’s Gallery  or the image gallery at Feral.org.au

Another interesting site that was recommended this week is “Extreme Science” with World Records in the Animal Kingdom. Read about the biggest, oldest, strongest, fastest and deadliest animals in the world.

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