Our Dynamic Planet

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This week and next week we welcome Kelly Tolsher, student teacher from Ballarat University, into our classroom. Kelly will be taking year 7 and year 8 science classes as part of her third year teacher training. She will be starting a unit on Earth Science with each class. You can access the following Digilearn activities at school:

Shaping the Land

Tectonic Boundaries

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The following links are internet resources that are accessible both in and outside school:

Down To Earth – Download four rich earth science interactive educational resources including “Undercover”, “Rock Back in Time”, “Paleotraveller” and “Metals Matter”.

A problem-based learning activity – Hands On Oil Exploration.

Evolving Planet – Take a tour through time – visualize millions of years of evolution in just a few clicks!

Forces of Nature (Tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes) interactive site to build your own volcano.

Volcano Explorer – Explore a virtual volcano.

Extreme Science – Eathquakes, volcanoes and more.

Dynamic Earth – Interactives to show the structure of the earth, plate tectonics and continental drift.

National Geographic has excellent photo galleries about plate tectonics.

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