End of year visit to Melbourne Aquarium

This is an egg case from a Port Jackson shark, photographed at the Melbourne Aquarium. Eight students from Hawkesdale College had the oppportunity to visit the aquarium when we attended the ResourceSmart awards recently. The mother shark lays a soft egg case and uses her mouth to wedge it in between rocks, where it hardens. After ten or twelve months a baby shark emerges and the egg case if often washed ashore. You can read more about the Port Jackson shark here. This site is also great for learning about dissecting fish and their internal organs. Learn about different species of fish and play the fish memory game here.

We are winding up the year at Hawkesdale with a number of camps and excursions. Last week, 30 year 8 and 9 students walked the recently opened Timboon Rail Trail. A good three hour walk through pockets of native forest and past three old timber railway bridges was great exercise. This week, 27 students from year 7, 8 and 9 are riding the Great Hawkesdale Bike ride, about 200 km over five days. Although they have experienced some challenges, with wind, rain and scorching heat, they are all enjoying themselves!

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