Periodic table of the elements – videos!

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Beth Still from the Nebraska Educators Network follows Will Richardson on Twitter, which had a link to this great site for chemistry teachers: The Periodic Table of Videos – short videos about each of the elements of the periodic table. So I’ve been back to Twitter and found some friends, and now I think I understand better how it works. It seems nothing I try really takes off the first time – I need a few months to let the idea brew – perhaps until I see a purpose for it – and then go back to it. It just seems to reinforce that learning is best done on an ‘as-needs’ basis. Make it relevant, authentic and interesting.

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  1. murch

    Britt, I think you have captured the way that teachers will take u web2.0 tools and its applications. Unless there is a perceived need, it is much easier, less confusing, less time consuming than try to learn it all and then work out where it might fit in with the classroom learning. For me, twitter has been a great way to develop a personal learning network.

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