The Futures Channel Movies and Activities

The Futures Channel movies and activities delivers hands-on, real-life maths and science lessons to your classroom.” This week’s great site is a collection of short, real-life movies that connect maths, science and technology learning to the real world. Each movie is coupled with learning activities that explore concepts such as algebra, measurement, probability, exponential growth and more. Students can design a ‘Ground Gripper’ sports shoe, explore population growth in black-footed ferrets or use percentages to create colours.

I’m going to add these two links here too, so i don’t lose them! Transfer Big Files is a site where (apparently) you can send large files free. Great for sending video, photo-stories, Powerpoints etc that are too big for email. Overstream is a site where you can add subtitles to existing videos – so for example if you wanted to narrate over an experiment, make a parody, send a personalised message……….

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