Collaborative Research and Learning Project

This term I am participating in a Knowledge Bank: New Generation action research program. I am investigating whether social networking can improve student outcomes in middle years maths and science classes. I am narrowing down the choice of web 2.0 tools suitable for mathematics to Voicethread, Mathtrain (videos) and Jing. This article, Jing transforms Maths classroom, is a case study of how a Year 7 Maths teacher has motivated students and improved confidence using Jing videos. Here are links to some of the Voicethreads we are collaborating on with Mrs Laguna’s Year 8 Maths class:

Fraction problems

What’s the difference?

Algebra Shopping

The Adventures of Martin the Metric Ruler

I was interested to recieve a comment from one of my students who was reluctant to put her ‘eye-dissection’ slideshow on her blog. Although she enjoyed the practical work, she thought viewers would be disgusted! I think all students have strong feelings of ownership of their blogs (as I do), and some have very definate ideas about it’s content and appearance. So, students who are reluctant maths and/or science learners, may prefer not to have these subjects featured on their blogs.

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