“Wild Action” comes to Hawkesdale!

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had “Wild Action” visit Hawkesdale – Xavier and his menagerie of native Australian animals came to school. It was a fast-paced, action-packed show with the opportunity to touch many of the creatures including a tiny squirrel glider, green tree-frog, stumpy-tailed lizard, short-necked turtle, black-headed python and salt-water crocodile. One of the largest animals was an olivine python – about 3 metres long and growing up to 75 kg in weight!


  1. Jenny

    Hi There!
    We like to thank Mrs. Gow and Ms. Murnane for the very flattering comments on OUR PAPER SPINNER MOVIE. We like them very much.
    We really like this photo of the frog on the head. Was the frog a bit slimy ? Did your head feel cold ?
    We will be looking at your work very often.

    Kind regards from,
    Room 5 and their teacher Mrs. She. Pt England School, Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Marg Murnane

    What a gorgeous photo Britt – this is worthy of becoming the Christmas card for Megan isn’t it? Thanks for organising this visit. I think without a doubt, that it was the best animal show we have EVER had at the school. The animals were sensational and Xavier had a very natural and easy manner with the kids. Thanks for all your hard work.

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