Giant Squid dissection at Melbourne Museum

Image: Paul McCoy Source: DPI Victoria

What has three hearts, blue blood and a brain shaped like a doughnut? A giant squid that’s what!
On Thursday 17th July, an immature female specimen, weighing 248kg and measuring up to 12 metres long, was dissected at the Melbourne Museum. The squid was caught by fishermen, deep off the coast of Portland and held on ice until the public dissection. You can watch a Melbourne Museum recording of the dissection here. The Herald-Sun has a short clip here.

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  1. bexta

    I love reading your articles Britt…
    Here is an interesting story……or not.
    Can an octopus solve physical problems like Rubics Cubes?
    Not likely, but in a Dominican newspaper
    I was reading that scientists are giving captive octopus Rubics Cubes and other play items to see if they use one arm in preference of all, or some of the others.
    Visitors to an aquarium somewhere in Europe, can record which tentacle or tenticles an octopus uses most, to work out handedness….
    …well I thought it was amusing!
    Scientists believe that because they are sensitive creatures, it might be good stress relief…………..
    I hate Rubics Cubes…they are frustrating in both hands!

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