Lambing at Hawkesdale – on Teachertube!

Twin lambs at our farm in Hawkesdale

This video was filmed, using my Panasonic digital camera, at home on the farm. I used “Audacity” to create an audio file for the commentary. These files were combined using Windows Moviemaker and uploaded to Teachertube. This cannot be done from home, as the connection speed is to slow and the upload times out. So, thanks Jess! Another check point along the way on my web 2.0 journey. If it’s not showing here, try going to Teachertube:


  1. Anne Mirtschin

    Hmm Britt, the video is chugging away still so you may have to stick with the link. There is a problem with teacher tube and edublogs at the moment as my students could not get theirs to work either. Otherwise just try loading it directly into your blog and bypass teachertube altogether for the blog purposes plus give the link to teacher tube.

  2. Anne Mirtschin

    Groan!!! Dont talk to me about lambing. We were timed to lamb from now but what happened the first week that we decided to go overseas – we started in earnest!!!! Then that wet weather came and we lost a lot of twins. However, I love seeing the little lambs running around in the paddocks and seeing the birth of lambs is also special indeed.

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