Steep learning curve

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It’s been a long and winding, uphill journey so far. Check points on the way include:

  1. writing my first posts,
  2. recieving my first comments,
  3. adding images to my blog,
  4. adding hyperlinks in my posts,
  5. discovering “Flickr”,
  6. creating a panorama for my header,
  7. learning how to embed Slideshare presentations,
  8. changing my widgets, 
  9. using my blog statisitcs,
  10. creating and embedding Voicethreads,
  11. using “My Studio” to create and embed mini-quizzes,
  12. recording sound files on “Audacity”,
  13. being invited to join “Global teacher – Web 3.0”
  14. initiating a “Skype” call,
  15. creating a “Tokbox” video message,
  16. participating in an “Elluminate” live conference and
  17. uploading a video to TeacherTube.

Now I’ve hit a road block. I have recorded my own short video on a Panasonic camera, which downloads as a Quicktime file. I have converted it to another format to edit and add a voice recording in Windows Moviemaker. Then I have to convert it to a smaller file and now I am trying to upload to TeacherTube – but can’t seem to get it happening! And why do I do all this? I guess I need to challenge myself with the technology that I expect my students to be using, creating with, communicating with and ultimately learning with.


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  2. jane Lee

    Hi Britt, It,s hard to get a grip around what you have done. I have made a slide show on some of the fungi I have found but there it ends I don’t really know what to do next. I have been out in the bush near home with my grand children who are quite experts on spotting fungi and finding native orchids(we found 2 new ones). I really admire what you have done and hope one day I will be able to do at least some of what you have done.
    Regards Jayciel.

  3. wendy

    Hi Britt
    I finally fixed My Family tried when you left a comment the grey cells would not work looked at it this mornin and did it!!! Holidays clear the brain.
    I am the one on the left in the front.
    I too have been on a steep learning curve, there is so much but boy is it fun.
    Cheers Wendy

  4. bexta

    Britt what a great way to display what you’ve learnt. It really is mind boggling to say the least. I found myself doing a mental check of what I’d achieved and the experiences and difficulties I had with each. I don’t understand some of the terms on your list, but with an open mind and a bit of time and patience, I hope to.
    I agree with the importance of knowing how to do all these things that we expect the kids to be able to do, but I also love to learn from them. Its so empowering for them to teach/show a teacher how to do something.
    Love the picture too…so thought provoking. Do you know where it was taken?
    Enjoy some time away from work!…even though I KNOW you are working!

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